Direct mail can be a powerful tool for your business. Marketing is, after all, an important part of any business. With a direct mail campaign, you can reach a lot of customers, both potential and existing ones. Due to the popularity of direct mail programs with businesses, the United States Postal Service has brought a new program specifically designed for small businesses. This is the Every Door Direct Mailing program. This new form of direct mail can prove to be quite beneficial for businesses which need to reach a lot of customers.

Every Door Direct Mail

What is every door direct mail?

You will find that a USPS every door direct mail program is quite different from the normal direct mail programs available. First of all, unlike traditional mailing programs, you do not have to specify the addresses of each recipient of your marketing mails. Instead, you choose only the postal routes. Your mails are going to get delivered to each address on those particular postal routes.

By utilizing an every door direct mailing program for your marketing needs, you can save quite an amount. In fact, that is one of the major benefits of using this particular mailing program.

The major benefits of every door direct mail programs

There are quite a few substantial benefits to using the USPS program of every door direct mail.

  • No Need For Postage Permits

In any marketing campaign that involves the use of direct mails, you will need to set aside money to pay for the postage permits. In fact, even before you can send a single piece of marketing mail, you will have to open an account for which you will have to spend money. After that, there will be an annual fee to pay when you using the service. However, the US Postal Service does not charge the annual fee if you are using the every door direct mailing program.

  • Mailing Lists Are No Longer Needed In EDDM

Another major concern in a direct mail program is the mailing list. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort in the mailing list. After all, the mailing list will determine who will receive your marking mails. If you choose incorrectly, you will be wasting your money on sending mails to customers who have no need of your products or services. A sizeable amount of money will have to be spent on getting hold of the most profitable mailing lists as well. However, USPS has eliminated the need for mailing lists. You need to select only the postal routes and the post office will deliver the mail to the addresses in those postal routes.

  • Potential To Send Larger Postcards

When you are sending mails through a direct mail program, you will have to keep the size of mails in check. The US Postal Service charges different rates for the different postcard sizes. If you wish to send larger postcards, you will need to pay more. This prevents a lot of businesses from sending bigger postcards as they do not wish to overextend their marketing budget.

With a larger postcard, you can send a more detailed marketing message to your potential customers. Additionally, the larger postcards are capable of making a better impact on the customers. With the USPS program of every door direct mail, you can send larger postcards with ease to your customers without spending a lot of money. In fact, it will cost you less to send a larger postcard through this mailing program than in sending standard postcards through other direct mail programs.

  • Ability To Simplify Your Mailing Marketing Campaign

With the new direct mailing program from USPS, you no longer have to know about business mail entry units. After all, finding a proper unit to work with can be a challenge if you have never done it before. In EDDM, you can send your marketing mails through any post office. You can even pay for the postage through any means you feel will be suitable for you such as cash, debit cards or checks.

You can get your mails printed and then get it shipped directly to the nearest post office. There is no need to get it shipped to you and then shipping it again to the nearest post office. The direct method will allow you to spend less money and is much faster as well. The entire process becomes a much more efficient one.

Getting started with an every door direct mail program

The process of using the USPS program of every door direct mail is a very simple one. There are very few hassles to take care of. The steps involved in this program are easy to understand and implement.

  • Select The Locality And Total Count For Your Mails

You can easily start off your marketing campaign with EDDM by visiting the website of USPS. There you can select the mailing routes where you wish to send you mails. You can make your choice based on the zip codes, cities or even a certain radius from a particular location. After you have selected the routes, you can easily determine how many postcards will be required for the addresses in those routes.

  • Choose The Size Of The Printed Mails

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The size of your postcards will affect the amount you will have to pay for sending them through the mailing program. With, every door direct mailing, you have to pay lesser for the larger sizes. Therefore, you can choose the bigger dimensions for your marketing mails. Be that as it may, you should take a look at the pricing before getting them printed.

  • Send Your Mails

You are now ready to send your marketing mails to your customers. You can let the printing agency deliver the postcards directly to the nearest post office for mailing or you can do it yourself.

The every door direct mail program from USPS can prove to be of immense help when you are trying to gain new customers. It is a far cheaper method than using other mailing programs to send your marketing messages to your potential customers.

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