Promotional mugs have become a very popular way through which companies can acquire ease of advertising. If your business invests in mugs that have your logo printed on them, you can use them as giveaway items or sell them directly for profit. By giving away these printed products, you can promote the name of your company in a major way, even if the company is taking a loss on the price that it costs to have the promotional products printed. As it is quite trendy for the people to collect mugs that are printed with colorful designs, a number of companies are hiring graphic designers to create fun and unique logos for their promotional cups and mugs.


Another method which is increasingly becoming popular is printing a humorous slogan on a mug rather than simply printing it with the name of the company. People are more likely to recall and appreciate something that is funny rather than something that is mundane. When we think of the mugs, we tend to picture a classic coffee mug made of ceramic material, glass or different kinds of metal. They are available in various sizes. A variation of the printed mug is the thermos mug.


These products are somewhat different materials, although they have the same use and the same marketing impact. Metal thermos mugs are fast becoming popular for their modern and sleek appearance. If you can have the mugs custom made for your business, rather than simply printing them readymade, you can consider giving them a totally different look by molding them into custom shapes. If a business deals with cartoons, like Disney, you can create mugs that are shaped like the characters. This extra effort at uniqueness is what makes customers willing to purchase the mugs more.


Capitalize with the Promotional Mugs


Using promotional gifts and mugs are an asset to any business marketing campaign. They offer a way for the company to access cheap and constant advertising even after they have been made, printed and distributed. It is easy to have these promotional coffee mugs printed according to your specifications and can be useful in a variety of situations. There are various ways in which you can use the mugs to cast an impression on your audiences. One of them is through personalization. You can personalize a mug in a variety of ways, with a wonderful print area to work with due to the fact that the mug has straight sides.


Ways of Personalizing Your Mug for Business


There are 3 different ways in which personalization can be done. These are:


Screen Printing: The first and the most common use of these personalized mugs are through screen printing with the help of spot colors. On an average, you can print anything from 5 to 6 spot colors on your mugs. Spot colors refer to solid colors of ink without tints or tones. This is why the professional printers will need to simplify a few designs if they think that this is the best method for you. This includes creating a printing plate for each of the colors which you need to print, which calls for color separated artwork.


However, if you are not sure as to which colors will suit you, you do not have to worry as he printers will come up with something for your requirements as long as the artwork is received in the digital format. Printing the spot colors indicates that the mug should pass through the machine 5 to 6 times or for the number of colors that are to be printed. All these indicate that the printing process is pretty elaborate and needs to be carried out by skilled and professional printers in order to make sure that the color registration is as perfect as it can get.


The printers make sure that the colors are lined up appropriately. Once the print has been completed, the mugs are fired at the kiln in high temperature after which each of the mugs is checked for imperfections and cracks.


Transfer Print: This is the next method that is used. It takes place when there is extremely tight registration and fine detailing which is unsuitable for reproducing on screen. The design is printed on special carrier paper, with one color printed at a time. Once the transfers are dry and prepared for application, this is manually done by people who are skilled in ensuring that the design is placed in the right place on the mug. The transfers are then wet and slid gently into place without splitting them, with the help of highly dexterous fingers.


Die Sublimation Print: Much of it depends on the design when the die sublimation print method is used. In this case, the mug has to be sprayed with a specialized coating for accepting the inks that are used. The heat pushes the ink in the surface of the glaze. The inks which are used for sublimation are different than any other printing styles. As in the case of transfer print, the sublimation print is made on to a paper carrier first. However, the whole design and all the colors are printed at the same time, as it is done on your home’s inkjet printer.


The print is done in reverse so that once the entire area of the printed mugs are covered with the paper containing the ink, it is attached to the place using a tape and then put on a special heat press for a certain duration of time so that the ink can cure through the glaze. This is again a labor intensive task because the print is applied by hand, and this is why it has to be very specific and accurate so that slanted prints can be avoided. This printing style is also used on photo mugs, which makes it suitable for photographic design. The glaze in the process is high gloss and offers superb reproduction of any image.


With these printing methods, you can create just the look you want for your custom photo mugs.