Color Copies vs Color Copies Deals

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Cost For Color Copies


The cost for color copies will depend where you take your job and what your requirements are. It is important to know that color copy print prices vary with different printing companies. The price will also change if you need special handling for your print job or whether it is a rush order.

Before you decide to place your order it is wise to do a price comparison first. You can do this online by availing yourself of their real time quotes. You just input the details of your job and it will come back with an estimate. Be sure that your cost for color copies will include the set up fee. Figure in any bulk discounts and free shipping.

Once you have a working knowledge of the prices you can see where you will get the best deal for your color copy print job. You have a number of options. Firstly you can go to your local stationary store. This is generally practical for small jobs as the prices will be quite high. If you want to save money on the cost for color copies then you can take your job to a self service print store. Here you will be able to do the printing job yourself. If you need special paper you can ask the attendant.

Usually you can save money on small jobs here as you will not be paying for service but will just use the machines yourself. These stores can often handle your mailings too. You can handle small rush orders by doing this as you can get your work done yourself at the time you need the order.

Larger orders are best handled by a print shop or company. They will be able to give you bulk order discounts and sometimes free shipping, if they deliver your color copy print job to you. Sometimes there is a time constriction when they get backed up with orders. They can offer you a sample of what your prints will look like. There is a lot of competition among printing stores, so they can often offer you’re a good price for your cost for color copies.

Online you can get many good deals. The companies are all vying for your business so have a few ways to entice customers. One is the bulk discount rates for larger orders over 500 pieces. Secondly free shipping is offered for orders over a certain amount. If this is offered ordering online becomes very convenient. You can just order from your office or home and expect the order to be delivered to your door.

You have a variety of choices when you are considering where to order your color copy print job from. Where you go will depend on the requirements of your order. Rush jobs and special handling will increase the cost for color copies.  Consider the size and requirements of your printing project before you decide to order. There are a number of deals that you can get if you just do a little research.

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