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11×17 Color Copies

Do you want a lovely Greeting card, an invitation or a picture with your loved ones which you would like to savor forever to be printed? Or does your business need a ledger or a legal agreement to be printed? Look no further, all your printing needs will be fulfilled with a “11×17 color copy”. You can make great color copies with this size of paper.

It is not as big as a huge banner nor is it as small as a postcard; an 11×17 color copy is just the right size for all your printing needs. Are you from the United States or Canada? Have you ever come across a ledger (Official Financial Statement) in your country? That’s because all major accounting firms and companies have been using the 11X17 paper to print out their ledgers for a long time now. Why just this size of paper? As pointed out earlier, unlike information printed on a normal A4 sheet (8×12), the information printed on an 11×17 copy is more legible and easy to comprehend. If you make color copies you can see the details easily.This means that accountants and managers can go through their financial data with ease. If you take a look at some of the tabloids, you will notice that they are mostly printed on an 11x17color copy.

This is to ensure that the content is clearly visible, but the tabloid is not too big that the reader cannot handle it with ease. Also, everybody knows that picture clarity or as some call it pixel density depends on the size of the final copy. It’s of no use owning an SLR if passport size photographs are all that you are going to need. So make sure you ask for an 11×17 color copy the next time you want to print out photographs shot in your SLR. Not interested in going to the studio every time you want something to be printed? Not a problem, all major color copies printer manufactures have 11×17 as one of their standard paper tray measurement. So just purchase an 11×17 paper size compatible printer and enjoy your pictures in this size of color copies right at your home. Remember to get glossy paper for your photos as this will bring out their beauty, especially if you are printing in color.

So you know what to do the next time you want something printed? ‘Not too big nor too small’ is the phrase to remember. Ask for an 11×17 color copy and ensure that your memories are stored in lovely photograph forever or your loved ones’ are going to be impressed and happy for the greeting card you sent them for their birthday or anniversary.

As you can see there are many uses for this style of printing. You can print photos and make ledgers. When it is in color you will understand the details better and photos will look like the original. There is nothing like color for your 11×17 color copy print it will stand out and you will be able to read accounts quickly.

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